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Download it completely free of charge and carry out your day-to-day business much more conveniently and simply from your cell phone. Moreover, by incorporating Bizum you can send or request money with a single click. These are some of the functions you'll enjoy with the BBVA app:BECOME A CUSTOMER INSTANTLYIf you are not a BBVA customer, you can become a customer in just minutes via a free video call with your DNI/NIE and a selfie. Without paperwork or messengers. It's that easy! And you get an account without fees and a debit card free of charge
SENDING AND RECEIVING MONEY BETWEEN PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS THROUGH BIZUMThanks to the integration of Bizum in BBVA's app, you can make cell phone to cell phone payments instantly without the need to know your friend or family member's account number. Moreover, Bizum works with all the main banks in Spain, so you won't have a problem if you want send money to people with accounts in other banks.
YOUR BBVA MANAGER BY YOUR SIDEA financial expert and their whole team always available to resolve your doubts and offer you solutions.
TURN CARDS OFF AND ONControl your card at all times: turn it off temporarily if you lose it and turn it on again when you find it. Restrict your operations… you're in charge!
MY EVERYDAY OPERATIONSKeep control of your transactions, income and daily expenses ordered by categories; so you can plan and save; very useful!
REMOTE SIGNATUREYou'll be able to sign your contracts from your cell phone with full legal and judicial guarantees. And you'll have a copy of everything that was signed without the need to go to the branch.
BRING YOUR BILLSWith the BBVA App it's really simple: take a picture of the bill you want to pay by direct debit and you're ready to go.
PRIOR APPOINTMENTChoose when and where you prefer to meet with your BBVA Manager. Select the time and place and forget having to wait!
FOREIGN CURRENCY REQUESTRequest foreign currency from your cell phone. Choose what kind of bank notes you prefer and pick up them from the most convenient BBVA branch. It couldn't be easier!
MANAGE YOUR SHARE PORTFOLIOOperate on the stock market, buy or sell shares and manage your investment portfolio from the BBVA App, where and when you want.
CONTRACT PRODUCTSConsult the BBVA products that you will be able to sign up for online, and discover the customized products that BBVA has ready for you. Choose the best for you.
FIND OUR ATMs AND BRANCHESBy address, zip code, proximity, etc. Find the ATM or BBVA branch you're looking for and see the quickest way to get there.
YOU CAN ALSO ACCESS THE APP FROM YOUR SMARTWATCHImmediate information: install our app for Smartwatches and you'll have all the information closer hand than ever!
Permissions required:• View your contacts: select contacts from the agenda to carry out cell phone top ups, send cash through the Mobile Cash service, send notifications of transfers made, etc.• Location: search the nearest services in the ATM and branch locator• Receive SMS: automatically capture the SMS codes during the authorization of transactions (setting available in "Settings/automatic SMS code")• Make telephone calls: Get in touch with Contact BBVA or with your remote bank adviser, notify the insurance company of incidents, etc.• Multimedia files: store documents in the device's memory such as bills, documents associated with transactions, etc.• Take photographs: scan bar codes to pay bills• Other permissions requested enable the status of your internet connection to be checked and enable it to be used to exchange data with BBVA, to use Google Maps services...
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If your terminal is not compatible, we remind you that the BBVA Mobile Banking service is also available in your web browser.